The Breathtaking Landscape of The Presli Hills

If it's solitude you seek, love to climb and hike then spending time in The Presli Hills offers all this and much more. This wild moorland location in the north of Pembrokeshire is an awesome mountainous area where walkers and climbers can experience the excitement of the oudoors in its most rugged form. Let's take a look at The Presli Hills in more detail.

The Landscape


Walkers who have spent time in the Presli Hills will know how beautiful this area is as the rugged moorland landscape spreads as far as the eye can see, where beautiful rare plants and invertibrates such as worms and uncommon insects live and thrive in their thousands. Slate quarrying was once a common trade in the Preslis, while this is no longer the case today.

Lake in Pembrokeshire

On a good day when the weather is kind the views from Foel Eryr are simply breathtaking as walkers will see over the sea to Ireland along with taking in awesome views of Snowdonia. The colours in this area of Pembrokeshire are amazing with vivid greens, browns and purples dominating the scenery as far as the eye can see. The Preslis has Special Area of Conservation status and features many sacred sites of historical interest.

 Steam train in  Snowdonia

The Golden Road

Known as the spine of Pembrokeshire The Golden Road is popular with walkers as it connects landmarks of great interest for them to enjoy such as ancient monuments and burial places as well as cairns and tors. This route is also quite gentle compared to some making it a pleasant experience for all who undertake it. The stars of the show, as it were, when walking along this route are the quarries where four thousand years ago the actual mighty stones of Stone Henge are said to have been mined.

Two Hikers

There are many theories as to what this route was used for in ancient times, while the road is certainly around five thousand years old, therefore is spectacular in its own regard whatever the ancient history of the place. Whether used as a trading route or simply an alternative path so to avoid becoming bogged down in thick woodland we don't know but walkers today are still enjoying this fabulous walking experience whatever the truth of the matter.

Walking The Golden Road also facilitates climbing to the highest point in the Presli Hills as a short footpath off this road leads to Foel Cwmcerwyn that is 1759 metres high. Walkers will also pass Bronze Age monuments and burial sites that are well worth viewing and certainly transport us back in time to a long forgotten era.

Foel Eryr

Foel Eryr, where the Golden Road begins, has a Bronze Age burial site at the top that features a dry stone enclosed area with a large hut and is well worthy of a visit. Known as the Place of the Eagle Foel Eryr used to be where this fabulous lord of the skies could be spotted but this is no longer the case.

Magnificent birds that can be spotted here include Buzzards and Red Kites along with Kestrels Ravens and beautiful wild ponies who graze on this wild grassy area. Foel Eryr also features a National Park observation beacon where walkers can view many of the great views and landmarks that can be seen from the Presli Hills.

Red Kite

Inhabitants of the Area

As you can probably imagine there aren't many people who choose to live out in the wilds of Presli Hills but there are a few small villages and hamlets among the hills where a few hardy folk do live happily away from it all. One such village is Llanychaer that doesn't have a shop or village hall but does have a lovely little pub, a church and a chapel.

The area surrounding Llanychaer is very unspoiled and picturesque making it popular with ramblers and climbers who love to take in the areas natural beauty. Ancient history plays its part here too as four original stones from a monument created by ancient people can still be seen today in "the field of the dead" where it is said a bloody battle once took place.

By simply strolling through Llanychaer visitors will see many historic relics still in evidence today in the churchyard, along the lanes and in the gateposts of this once ancient village, while a cooling beer from the barrel in Bessies Pub is a must.

Other Attractions

Many little villages nestle in the Presli Hills including the beautiful village of Rosebush that is very popular with visitors who want to get away from it all. The village pub sits in what used to be the old railway station, while the village is also reknowned for its cheeses that are made and sold locally. The Rosebush reservoir is one of two reservoirs in Pembrokeshire and is where brown trout can be found.

Bro Meigan Gardens

Bro Meigan Gardens are a must see for visitors of The Presli Hills area and cover just under seven acres of land with vivid green lawns, wild meadows and a superb small wooded area with a natural spring. Castel Henllys is another must see location in this area as it is an amazing Iron Age Hill Fort where visitors will see replica round houses built on the 2500 year old excavated remains of the hill fort.